The Admiral de Saumarez Trust is committed to supporting community and island wide regeneration, working with multiple individuals and businesses to develop informed and realistic projects designed to benefit you the people of Guernsey.


Culture & Leisure


States of Guernsey

Community (St Sampsons parish)


Visit Guernsey

Design & Construction

Artist: Eric Snell
Architect: CCD Architects

Andrew Dyke’s Design Statement on National Trust of Guernsey’s website:
RG Falla (main contractor)
Media Agency: The Partnership

Historical Sites

“Jewel of the North”
Clifton Antiquarian Club
Megalithic Guernsey
Festung Guernsey
Sea Guernsey – Information on Admiral de Sausmarez


The Guernsey Velo Club
Guernsey Amateur Athletics Club:
The Guernsey Walking Club
Delancey Tennis Club
Guernsey Bowls Association
College of Further Education:
St Sampson’s Infant School


Rotary Club of Guernsey