A sense of community spirit is one of Guernsey’s greatest strengths. As many businesses and individuals are discovering, being able to give something back to our island home is both rewarding and worthwhile


Sponsor logos

Our programme of island-wide regeneration projects has already secured the support of a number of the island’s leading organisations. But we still need more help. So why not demonstrate your commitment to Guernsey and its people by agreeing to join us on this exciting journey?

Official Sponsors of the Admiral De Saumarez Trust so far

AFR Advocates
Blue Diamond Group
Butterfield Bank
Clydesdale Bank International
Collas Crill
Deutsche Bank
Du Putron Fund Management
Garenne Group
Insurance Corporation
Lloyds TSB
Northern Trust
Partnership Agency
Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited
Rothschild Bank
Lord Eric de Saumarez


Guernsey Rotary Club
Cresswell Cuttle & Dyke
Brittain Hadley
Culture & Leisure Dept
College of FE
St Sampsons Douzaine