The Admiral de Saumarez Trust is a charitable organization set up to raise money from private, corporate and financial institutions to support community and island wide regeneration projects.

The Monument

Originally built in 1876, the Monument became a navigational landmark for ships and aircraft on their approach to the island. It was demolished by the Germans in 1943 and many years later some of the granite was used by the States to extend the Rosaire landing in Herm.

Restoring this in a 21st century style will provide an iconic landmark of which our community can be proud and which will enrich the Island’s heritage for future generations.


Prior to November 1943 the de Saumarez Monument was a landmark and a statement of Guernsey’s pride in the naval achievements and civic commitment of Admiral Lord James de Saumarez.  Islanders in the north of the Island were proud of their park at Delancey and it was maintained to a high standard.  They had good reason to be proud.

The demolition of the Monument by occupying forces was widely regarded as an act of vandalism and it was carried out despite vigorous protests by Bailiff Victor Carey.

Since then Delancey Park has endured persistent decline in its status and it is no longer regarded as a premier Guernsey park.

Fortunately, many Islanders have now decided, not before time, that the parkland at Delancey should be restored to its former glory and also enhanced with new amenities.

The northern parishes are the home for most of our quarries, our refuse dumps, our power station, oil tanks, industrial port facilities and the majority of our manufacturing industry warehouses and storage areas.  They have every reason to welcome this new and exciting initiative focusing on their parkland and islanders’ should applaud it.