And so in 1836 the Admiral died and was buried in the family vault in the Castel churchyard. His grave is marked and can be visited to this day


Almost all men, and women, are forgotten with the passage of time. Very few historical figures survive in the memory of the living, living memory having long since passed.

Nelson’s more sensational life has endured in the national consciousness. But Saumarez is not forgotten. The Royal Navy honours his memory, Sweden honours his memory, those who are more intimately acquainted with the history of the period honour his memory and the Channel Islands, particularly his island home, honour his memory.

A substantial monument to Saumarez was erected in Delancey Park, Guernsey in 1876. It stood 90 feet high. Alas it was demolished by the Germans in World War II so that they could more easily sight their guns, but the plaques around its base survived and hang on one of the inner walls of Castle Cornet.